Samsung debuts the Galaxy Fold foldable phone

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Samsung yesterday debuted the Samsung Galaxy Fold the companies first foldable phone. Note that is not the first foldable phone that honour belongs to the  NEC Medias W N-05E followed more recently by the ZTE Axon M and the Royole Flexpai.

The folding phone comes in 4 colours (black, silver, green and blue) and doubles as both a phone and a tablet. It has a 4.6″ super AMOLED outer display (21:9 aspect ratio) and a 7.3″ QXGA+ dynamic AMOLED inner infinity flex display (4:2:3 aspect ratio).

Unlike prior folding phones the infinity flex display gives premium ‘single device’ feel when the phone is opened and when closed it can continue to operate as a normal phone.

When it is opened 3 applications can be open at the same time and there are optimisations for apps such as Microsoft Office (ZTE did something similar for specific Apps on the ZTE Axon M).

Universal Flash Storage debuts for the first time on a mobile device and it comes with a whopping 512GB storage and 12GB of RAM (and there is no microSD slot but it does support UFS 3.0). Battery capacity is 4380mAh.

The device also debuts six cameras. There is one on the front, two on the inside and three on the rear of the device enabling it to (purportedly) capture footage from any angle.

The Fold supports Wireless PowerShare and has AKG tunes speaker in addition to a side accessible fingerprinted sensor.

There will be two variants of the device, one an LTE model and the other a 5G model with both running a special Samsung variant of Android Pie.

People who pre-order the phone from April 26th are feted to get a free pair of (also just announced) Galaxy Buds (whoopee !)

A luxury phone such as this starts at a whopping price of $1,980 / £1800 and it remains to be seen the demand for such a luxury device particularly with other foldable phones yet to be released by vendors such as Huawei.

The phone will go on sale in the UK on May 3rd.


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