Huawei unveils the Mate X its own foldable phone

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You wait forever for one foldable phone and then just like a bus there is another just around the corner !

After the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei have now announced their own foldable phone ! The Mate X folds out to 8″ with a 2200×2480 plastic AMOLED screen that has an 8:7:1 aspect ratio.

It has a ‘Falcon Wing hinge’ (which does not seem quite as slick at first glance as the one debuted on the Galaxy fold) and a side fingerprint scanner.

The Mate X plastic OLED display misses the reflective capabilities that you would normally get from glass, which is probably a bonus for those who like more matt type non-reflective screens.

When not folded the phone has a front 6.6″ 1147×2480 display and a rear 6.3″ display. When shut the phone is around 11mm in thickness.

The battery is relatively large, like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, at 4,500 mAh.

Both the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Mate X are 5G compatible (no surprises giving the forthcoming roll out of 5G networks).

You can see an overview of the MateX from one of the first ‘hands on’ of the device below:

As with the Galaxy Fold this phone is targeted at the luxury device market and the Mate X will start at £1996 / $2600 / 2299€ and should be available mid year.

As an aside you can pick up one of the original folding phones, the ZTE Axon M, for under $200 on Ebay !

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