So the Galaxy S10 is out, what is it like ?

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes in four variants, the standard model. the plus (S10+). the S10e and the S10 5G.  The  two main models (S10 / S10+) are both similar in features excepting, in the main, screen size (6.1″ / 6.4″) and improvements to the camera.

Both main S10 /S10+ devices come with a whopping 8GB of RAM and are available with variants of onboard storage from 128GB through to an amazing 1TB (the latter available to the S10+ only). Unlike some device manufacturers the devices also support a MicroSD slot (excepting the S10 5G – more on this below).

For the first time Samsung has embedded a fingerprint scanner into the screen, something that other Chinese smartphones beat them to, and the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner seems to work well. This does give one pause for thought as to how this is going to  work with screen protectors, and indeed, Whitestone  Dome claims to be claims to be the only current screen protector that is compatible with the S10.

Both main S10 models come with a new type of screen, the Infinity-O display billed as the world first dynamic AMOLED display. It is the first HDR10+ and VDE certified smartphone which to us mere mortals means even more vivid digital content, digital tone mapping. and better contrast ratio for deeper blacks and more vibrant whites.

The devices has a hole punch for the front facing camera (in place of  the obligatory notch that can be found on iPhones). Camera software has again been improved with a new ‘shot suggestion’ feature. There are also a new range of portrait modes whose aim is to make the subject stand out of the picture and achieve this by background blurring or making the background black and white etc.

The S10/S10+  offer an Ultra Wide Lens with a 123-degree field of view which is a first for any of the Samsung S series devices. The ultra wide lens means more of the picture in shot, and therefore captured, whether it is panorama’s or portrait shots.

The camera also has a feature called ‘Bright Night’ but feedback seems to be that it does not yet measure up to Google Pixel Night Sight.


Samsung’s desktop mode, Dex, is also present as is the defense-grade Samsung Knox, as well as secure storage backed by hardware, which houses private keys for blockchain-enabled mobile services.

Other things of note? These are the first Samsung devices(s) that come with wireless powershare technology which should make re-charging compatible wearables a breeze. Intelligent WiFi can smartly switch between WiFi and 4G and provide feedback on dodgy WiFi networks. Performance is now constantly optimized by the intelligent performance feature that optimizes CPU, RAM, and battery, and which gets smarter over time. Oh, and not forgetting that a special variant of the phone, the Galaxy S10 5G support the forthcoming 5G standard providing ultra fast cellular speeds. This special variant is also differentiated with a 6.7” Quad HD screen.and a rear quadruple camera. It only comes with 256GB of onboard storage however, and does not have a micro SD card slot, so what is given with one hand is taken back with the other !

All in all this is truly a powerhouse of a phone and the Samsung Galaxy S10 devices are available now available now in Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Green, Prism Blue, Canary Yellow and Flamingo Pink. Additionally the S10+ will also be available in two, all-new, premium Ceramic models: Ceramic Black and Ceramic White. The S10 costs £799 with the S10+  coming in at  £899. Both can be picked up cheaper on contract. For example on EE the devices are £63 / £68  p.m. with a £30 upfront cost.

Also note that if you are a student and you wish to purchase an S10 you can obtain a 10% discount direct from Samsung.

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