Chuwi Mini Book v One Mix 3s v One Mix 2s v Topjoy Falcon Benchmarks

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Below are some benchmarks comparing the various UMPC’s on GeekBench 4:

UMPC Benchmarks

Comparison include Chuwi Minibook, One Mix 3s, One Mix 2s, Topjoy Falcon and GPD Pocket 2 Amber edition.

Note the “Default string, Default string’ is actually the One Mix 2s and the OneMix 3s, with the higher value being the 3s. For some reason the OneMix variants are picked put with just some default string value when GeekBench is ran.

There are also an i5 PC, and a M7 16GB Macbook 12” in there for comparison (picked up by GeekBench as ‘MacBook mid 2017’).

The OneMix 3s was the pick of the UMPC’s here for the multi-core and single core, followed by the Topjoy Falcon (from a multicore perspective).

We will doing some reviews on the Chuwi Minibook, OneMix 3s and the Topjoy Falcon over the next few weeks.

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