The MadBadGadgets review of the Ember heated smart mug

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In the world we currently leave in their are smart IOT devices everywhere. Some seem pointless and others you don’t know how you lived with out, so which one is the Ember?

Seriously? A heated mug? You may remember a few years ago those heated USB heated cups and mugs…the Ember is not one of those.

The Ember comes in three flavours :

(i) 10oz and 14 oz Mug

(ii) 12 oz Travel Mug

In this article we will be reviewing the 14 Oz Mug.

The Ember ships with the Mug, a saucer, which doubles as a charger, and a power supply which  caters for the US, UK and EU power grid.

The Ember  mug is made of stainless steel and has a nice weight to it. It feels substantial and qualative.

The giveaway that it’s a smart mug is the glowing LED at the bottom of the mug.

On the underneath of the mug are circular copper coils that, when place on the charging saucer  are used for charging. To charge it fully takes about 90 minutes and once charged it is could for about  90 minutes.

Of course if you are not using the mug it is easy enough to place it back on the charging saucer to keep the charge topped up.

Once there is no liquid in the  mug it stops trying to heat and turns off.

The smart piece of the device comes in the pairing with the Ember App on Android or iOS. This is done using Bluetooth and once paired it is easy enough to use one of the default profiles to decide how hot you would like to keep your tea or coffeee, or amend to suit your own preferences.

The Ember is not cheap and when I told my wife how much it retailed  for she was  sceptical to say the least at is viability, but I am not so sure, after using it over the Christmas  period I think it will do very well.

I have a habit of starting to drink a coffee or tea and then as I invariably end up on zoom or Slack calls letting it go cold, microwaving it to heat it up or making another one. An endless cycle. With the Ember my cup of tea/coffee is always warm and I have really noticed the difference.

The beauty of the Ember in many ways is how “non-smart” it is once you are using it. It’s seamless once setup with your favourite temperature and it just works with no fuss. You will have to get your own though, I am keeping mine!

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